Wineries are like vineyards; they require just as much attention as a vineyard, but on a smaller scale. A winery is a structure or property which either makes wine or is involved in the production of wines, including a single-brand wine company. Some wineries even own several vineyards. Aside from wine production equipment, larger wineries will also have large warehouses, large expanses of cool tanks called tank farms, and laboratories.

winery is a structure

Wineries that are located outside of big cities, such as Napa Valley, tend to be located in more rural areas with less vineyards and fewer wineries. Winemakers in these rural areas will use modern winemaking equipment as well as traditional methods to age their wines. Urban winemakers have more freedom when it comes to the method of aging, but also more money. The majority of winemakers in California are middle class, although there are many that are extremely wealthy.

Wineries sometimes choose to buy land with a view to growing vines for wine production, or maybe hire an expert winemaker to make a wine from scratch, but if they want to start making their own wine and do not have money for wine auctions, then they usually start out with a small winery. A small winery may only have one or two hundred bottles of wine produced each year. There are many small wineries around the world, and some of them may even be family owned and operated. A lot of small wineries depend on the local winemaking trade for their livelihood.