What to Do in Hoboken, NJ

best things to do in hoboken

When people mention the best things to do in Hoboken, New Jersey, they are usually referring to a series of activities that can be found along the Hudson River Greenway. This 8 freeway connection, which includes a toll road, is one of the most treasured routes in the state for residents and visitors alike. Here are some of the best things to do in Hoboken, NJ during your visit.


Visitors are encouraged to take a walk at the Hoboken waterfront. At Pier A Park on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the famous waterfront restaurantahiwai is located. Visitors can enjoy fine fares from exotic Asian cuisine to waterfront sandwiches prepared by some of the best chefs in the world. At night, the restaurant transforms into a dancing bar. During the day, the building glows with the magic of the New York City sun.


Another must-visit spot is the Hoboken Botanical Gardens. Built on the grounds that originally contained a cabbage farm, this natural paradise is filled with woodland creatures indigenous to North America. Take a virtual tour of the garden online or visit in person during one of the summer season events. This outdoor, natural garden features gardens that bloom year-round, a water feature, ponds, trails, and beautiful trees. The garden also offers educational activities and workshops that kids of all ages enjoy.