Problems and Solutions With The 510 Vaporizer Pen

510 vape pens

510 vaporizers and their more affordable cousin the Easy Rider is proving to be big sellers amongst the new generation of vapers. A quality of care for these devices is fairly standard compared to other electronic devices but occasionally the 510 is subject to problems that can affect how long they last and what they can do for you as a vaper. If you’re looking for the perfect everyday device that will last you for years to come here are some tips to helping you avoid the most common problems associated with them.


For those that enjoy making customized pens, there are two options: either getting one of the many disposable battery companies that make a variety of 510 vaporizer pens or purchasing one of the many “real” pen styles from the likes of Parker, Jopen, or Cross pens. There are just far too many styles out there that are not real, that are cheaply made and extremely cheap-feeling. By purchasing a real pen from one of the large pen companies you can be guaranteed quality, durability, and longevity as well as all of the great custom features that are available.


When using a standard wax atomizer you have to consistently monitor the temperature of the water or candle you’re using since overheating the wax can cause a catastrophic burnout. With the 510 vaporizer this isn’t even an issue because the temperature of the water or air is constantly controlled and monitored so that the device never reaches a dangerous burnout. The only real downside of using a standard wax atomizer is that they are only available in single colors (red, blue, purple, and white). By purchasing a color-matched replacement you get a much easier and unique way to make your own art while enjoying your new electronic pen.