Different Types of Pilates Equipment For You To Choose From

pilates equipment

Pilates is an ancient system of exercise and movement that is still growing in popularity in the United States. You can find a Pilates studio located in every major city in the country, but finding Pilates equipment to help you get started is crucial if you want to work on your Pilates exercises without breaking a sweat. Having access to a Pilates studio will allow you to begin with some of the more basic Pilates exercises, which are great for developing strength and flexibility. But once you have developed a base of basic Pilates exercises, you can purchase some advanced equipment to give yourself a complete workout.

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One of the most expensive Pilates equipment that you could buy would be a Pilates machine. Pilates machines are designed to help you achieve a variety of different movement patterns by using resistance that you attach to your body. If you are working on Pilates exercises to lose weight, develop core strength, or become taller, then there is probably a Pilates machine that will best suit your needs. One of the most popular Pilates machines that is available today is the Reformer, a high chair-like apparatus that looks a lot like a high chair that you would find at a baby sitter’s office. The Reformer can provide resistance for your body in the form of pressure, so that you can work your way through a series of twisting and moving movements that develop your core muscles and help to elongate your spine.

Another piece of Pilates equipment that is highly beneficial for people of all fitness levels is the ladder barrel. The ladder barrel works under the guidance of a professional instructor who is likely to be sitting in front of you, holding a set of instructional DVD tapes. You would place your feet in the front of the ladder barrel, spread your legs out as wide as they will go, and then stand on top of your heels, balancing your weight evenly on your feet. You will be guided through a series of movements, which will include stretches and easy workouts on the balls of your feet. This type of exercise program has been known to help people increase their flexibility, and may even help to prevent or reduce back pain later on in life.