Can You Exfoliate Your Arms Before You Spray Tan?

spray tanning

Spray tanning, also known as airbrush tanning or sunless tanning, is a kind of self tanning where a fine mist containing a tanning agent is sprayed on to the body. This mist has a bronzer in it called Dihydroacetic Acid (DHA). The bronzer will settle on your skin and settle quickly, creating the color change. The effect is almost instant, so you can have several sprays and still be a day or two away from looking completely natural. Spray tanning can be used by both men and women, although men tend to prefer the airbrush tan as it is less noticeable than a lot of browsers used for women.


Another advantage of spray tanning over other methods is that it can last longer than other self tanners such as tanning beds. It can last between eight and twelve hours depending on how many times you have to spray tan. With a tan under your arms, you can have that golden look for up to a week without having to exfoliate again. Another advantage of spray tanning compared with bronzers is that your skin does not dry out or crack.


The disadvantage of spray tanning, however, is that it’s not recommended for people who have dry or uneven skin. If you have uneven skin, then you may find that the browser tends to make your tan uneven and streaky. Using a browser that is too dark can also make your skin look a lot darker than it is. Some people do suggest using exfoliates on your arms before you have your spray tan to get rid of any dry skin.